New Shop Highlights

JointHawker always churns out newly opened shops around Singapore, and in this foodie's destination - there are always new good eats popping up!
New Shop Highlights New Shop Highlights
New Shop Highlights
JointHawker always churns out newly opened shops around Singapore, and in this foodie's destination - there are always new good eats popping up!
02/Dec/2022 OPEN



We are a team of three young hawkers ranging from ages 24 to 27 who want to keep the hawker spirit alive. It's rare to see young people like us working in hawker centres so we hope to add value and encourage more youths to do so.
We chose to set up our stall at Maxwell Hawker Centre despite the slightly higher rent due to the high traffic and footfall, especially since Singapore is now opening up.
This is our very first stall and we opened it in December 2022. One of us used to work at popular restaurant Eggslut and we decided to cook Hong Kong-style egg bowls.
While we are excited to embark on our new journey as hawkers, we had a tough time doing. Because we are first-time hawkers, we had to learn more about the regulations when it comes to setting up a stall. We also had to apply for a food safety course before we could start work in the kitchen.
While we are new, we have big dreams and if things go well, we aspire to open a new stall in a different location at the end of the year!

  • Signature! Scrambled Egg Rice,Scrambled Egg Rice
  • #01-73, 1 KADAYANALLUR STREET, 069184
29/Jun/2022 OPEN

Yuen Sin Kitchen


We are a new stall at Apex@Henderson in Bukit Merah and we opened at the end of June. We have been in the local food scene for over a year and before moving to our current location, we were located at Clementi and Kelantan Lane.

When here, we encourage our customers to try our signature dishes, which are freshly boiled porridge and chee cheong fun. The chilli sauce of our chee cheong fun is also made with a homemade recipe that has a special fragrance. As we opened our stall in the midst of Covid-19, it has been very challenging as our traffic has been very badly affected.

We had to double our marketing efforts but the results have not been favourable. To top it off, the cost of cooking materials have also been increasing too. Even when Singapore began to open up more, many consumers rushed to travel overseas, which has also affected our footfall.

We hope to have more customers too.

  • Signature! Fish Porridge,Chee Cheong Fun
  • #03-18, 201 HENDERSON ROAD, APEX @ HENDERSON, 159545
01/Aug/2020 OPEN



Since its establishment in 2015, we currently have 56 stores in Asia. Based on the concept of "enjoying durian with a new approach," we are focusing not only on fresh raw durian, but also on developing our own products such as sweets and ice cream using durian, holding events, and developing new menus. Our own farm is located in Malaysia, and the cultivated area varies depending on the variety. For example, Mao Shan Wang, an overwhelmingly popular variety in recent years, D13 delivers harvested products every morning, such as from Johor, to the store within the same day. In addition, we thoroughly manage hygiene at the factory and strive to ensure that our durian products are eaten with confidence guaranteed. Do not miss the Durian Moon Cake at Mid-Autumn Festival. In order to make Durian enjoyable, we are particular about creating the best atmosphere in the store. I think that many people who are resistant to durian do not like to eat durian with bare hands in the hot outdoors, but at Durian BB, by creating a hygienic environment in a cool store, more people can enjoy it. We hope you will enjoy Durian. Please visit Durian BB to taste the depth of durian!

  • Signature! XO,Premium Mao Shan Wang 500g
  • #01-65, 462 CRAWFORD LANE, 190462
20/Jul/2020 OPEN

YAO Japanese Rice House


I opened my stall in July 2020. Since eating a meal at a Japanese-style Western restaurant, which is famous in Singapore, I decided to work as a chef because the food at the restaurant inspired me. In my previous job, I learned how to make Japanese Western food, including omelets. I love Japanese omelet rice, and the branch I used to work for was closed down, so I decided to try my own omelet shop and started this shop. Also, as for the menu, there are many Singaporeans who are not yet familiar with Japanese curry and omelet rice, so by incorporating teriyaki chicken and salmon rice bowls that are familiar as "Japanese cuisine" to the local perspective, we hope that more and more customers will enjoy the rice that is familiar to us. After all, there are still two popular menu dishes for local customers, but our recommendation is the omelet chicken cutlet (Japanese Curry and Chicken Cutlet). I would like many people to try Japanese curry.

  • #02-42, 6 TANJONG PAGAR PLAZA, 081006

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